Grey Spinney
Jack Metterville
Lucy Tessnau


2 Coldbrook Road, Unit 1
Oakham, MA 01068
Tel:  (508) 882-3358
Fax: (508) 882-3060


Board Meetings: Quarterly.  See Town Hall bulletin board for upcoming meetings.



There are three elected Cemetery Commissioners that make up this board.  The Board is responsible for the administration of all aspects of the town-owned cemeteries, including upkeep, lot sales, burials, recordkeeping, and capital improvements.

Town-owned cemeteries include (location in parenthesis):

  • Pine Grove Cemetery* (Old Turnpike Road)
  • South Cemetery* (North Brookfield Road)
  • Southwest Cemetery (Lincoln Road)
  • Center Cemetery (Oakham Center)
  • Green Hollow Cemetery (Crawford Road)
  • Boyd Cemetery (Off Spencer Road)

* Indicates lots available for sale

Schedule of Fees Effective July 1, 2014

Lot Sales- Cemetery lots are available for sale in either Pine Grove or South cemeteries.  Perpetual care must be purchased along with the lot.  The pricing is as follows:

Single Grave lots - $150 for the lot and $250 for perpetual care = $400 total
Double Grave lots - $300 for the lot and $450 for perpetual care = $750 total

Interment (Burials)- Full-Earthen burials are permitted 365 days a year in all cemeteries.  Cremation burials are permitted only when the ground is not frozen, typically May through November.  Burial fees are as follows:

Full Burial: $875

Cremation Burial: $400

The above fees include grave locating, opening/closing, and administration.