Services and Fees



 If you are coming to the office to pick up documents, please call in advance.

 All requests for copies and documents must be put in writing and sent to the address above.  Fees are listed below for each document.

 Services available through the Town Clerk's Office

Certified copy of birth                      $5.00

Certified copy of marriage                $5.00

Certified copy of death                     $5.00

Correction of errors                         $10.00

Entering Marriage Intentions &

Issuing Certificate                            $25.00


Business Certificates

DBA Certificate                                $20.00

Changes to DBA Certificate              $10.00

Certified copy of DBA Certificate       $5.00


Dog Licenses Annual (April 1 to March 31)

Male and Female                              $11.00

Neutered & Spayed                          $7.00

Transfers                                        $1.00

Late fee (after June 1)                     $25.00

Duplicate tag                                   $1.00



Genealogical search                  $10.00 minimum

Plus any costs for reproductions


Street Listings Books                   $5.00

Zoning Books                              $5.00

Subdivision Books                       $30.00