Emergency Medical Services (EMS)


Oakham's Fire Department runs a "Basic" level ambulance service to protect our community.  Oakham's ambulance service consists of many dedicated Emergency Medical Technicians working out of the Oakham Fire Department station.  Oakham's Fire Department operates with 2 ambulances.  Oakham's EMS primarily responds in an "On-Call" manor with EMTs from all over town.  All you need to do if you have a Medical Emergency is dial 911 and we'll come to you.



Things to keep in mind when calling 911:


  • Describe the type of emergency.

  • Describe your location .

 (street address? In a car?  In the attic or basement?)

  • Tell the operator how many people were involved and their ages.

  • Tell the operator if there is a dangerous situation.

 (fire, someone trapped, guns, knives, etc)

 The 911 operators uses this information to determine the most suitable equipment to send to your aid and notifies responders of your situation .