Keeping Our Children Safe

The town of Oakham has a strong commitment towards maintaining a safe place for families to raise their children.  Raising a child is full of responsibilities, of which nobody is expected to know everything about everything.  No safety concerns about our children should ever go unaddressed.  Oakham's team of Police Officers, Fire Fighters and EMTs are available to help parents make the right decisions in dealing with keeping their children safe.  Parents should feel welcome to contact the Oakham Fire Department for assistance.  If we can not answer your questions, we can find someone who can.  Here are some common area for concern:

  • Car Seats - Choosing Proper Size & Proper Operation
  • Bicycle Riding - Helmets
  • Bicycle Riding - Making Yourself Visible on Roadways
  • Skateboarding - Safety Equipment
  • Snowmobiling - Safe Operation with Minors
  • Snowmobiling - Safety Equipment
  • Boating - Safety Equipment
  • Swimming - Safety Equipment (Floatation)
  • Swimming - Safety Equipment (Sun Protection / Insect Bites)
  • Swimming Pool - Security (Protecting Wandering Toddlers)