Fire Department Issued Permits and Inspections


Open Burn Permit - click here

(required to burn unwanted brush)


Mass Smoke Detector Requirements - Consumer Guide


Inspection Hours:

By appointment with 2 weeks notice.  Call 508-882-5218 to schedule

or email :


Inspection Fees:

All fees are to be paid by personal check or bank check.

CASH will NOT be accepted

 Oil Burner & Tank  $50.00
 Oil Burner only  $50.00
 Oil Tank only  $50.00
 Propane Tank  $50.00
 Smoke & CO Detector  $50.00
 Smoke Detector only  $50.00
 CO Detector only  $50.00
 Inn Keepers  $50.00
 Tank Truck  $25.00

House inspections where multiple inspections are done at the same time (one visit) $50.00.